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Elite Scholar's 

Leadership Academy

At Ivy Elite, we empower youth and help them cultivate the courage and confidence they need to realize their full potential and achieve their dreams. The program is designed to provide established scholars-leaders an opportunity focus on the application of their leadership and academic skills for a positive impact. We help students gain valuable mentorship, academic development, and leadership skills and to put them into practice. 



Elite Scholar's Leadership Academy was created in 2014 to transform the lives of underserved youth through academic mentorship and urban squash. In a 12-year commitment that begins in 6th grade, Access students embark on a curriculum of intellectual, physical, and social development where academic enrichment, sports training, and financial support combine to help them realize their full potential.

The dedication required of both academic and personal development creates a culture of character and determination- one that yields powerful results. Ivy Elite shapes scholars into leaders, with skills that fuel students through high-school graduation, on to elite universities, and well beyond into their careers.

      Join us in celebrating another year of success as Ivy Elite grows our program to serve more first-generation college students, at-risk youth, expand access to an active play space, and provide sufficient guidance, support, and access to opportunity for students to break the cycle of poverty and find success. All donations benefit our transformational mentoring and academic enrichment programs, helping underserved youth achieve their dreams of success in high school, college, and beyond.


All tutoring will focus on the skills required to be successful on the Leap 2025 in April-May 2023. 

Our student success rate leads from Basic to Mastery at 80%!


SPONSORS: Through various partnerships and donations, this program will be effective and essential to academic development of our youth reaching their Leap Goal. Interested in being a part of our scholars' success. GET INVOLVED TODAY!!


We develop young men and women that will be courageous at the face of adversity in victory and defeat.


With leadership, ethical, and moral values embedded throughout the program, all scholars are expected to be courageous and compassionate leaders within their home, school, and community.


Scholars are provided with curriculum, skills, and guidance in social-emotional intelligence, health, and wellness. They are expected to make responsible choices regarding their social, emotional, and physical health and the health and well being of the school community.


Through research-based curriculum imbued with the best strategies for scholars as learners, all scholars are expected to challenge themselves and their peers to reach the highest level of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.




We believe in the utmost importance of honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior. All students are expected to reach the highest level of personal behavior and develop a sense of responsibility to the school community.

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